CV Check/Letter of Motivation


With your application documents, you leave your first impression on the employer. It is therefore all the more important that you take enough time to prepare your documents.


We will be happy to support you with questions about your application documents and give you feedback on your CV and your letter of motivation.


Are you applying for a specific position? Or do you simply want to revise your application documents?


You have the possibility to attend a Walk-in.

Furthermore, we also offer the CV Check as well as the review of the motivation letter via e-mail.


Procedure of the CV check via email:

  1. Send your CV and/or letter of motivation by e-mail to
  2. If available, send the job advertisement as well
  3. If you are not applying for a specific job, describe for which industry, for which job description, you are likely to apply
  4. With this additional information, it is possible for us to give you a more concrete feedback
  5. You will receive written feedback within a few days


The next Career Team is looking forward to your inquiry.