Mentoring Programme of the FHNW School of Business


Benefits: Mentees (students) have the opportunity to benefit from the experience of their mentor.

Forms of cooperation: There are many different ways of cooperation of a mentoring tandem. The following list shows possible forms:

  • Exchange of experience

  • Support for professional development

  • Tips for starting a career

  • Build a network

  • Provision of a bachelor thesis topic

  • and more ...

Procedure of the mentoring programme

  1. Registration for the program: Here you can find the registration form. This should describe the motivation and goals, as well as the expectations of the program.
  2. Placement of a mentor: The mentors are former students of the FHNW School of Business (or predecessor schools). They graduated at least 2 years ago. They are self-employed or in a leading position. The organisation and placement of mentors is the responsibility of next Career Services.
  3. Get in contact, first meeting: After the placement, the students meet the mentors. At this first meeting, the focus is on getting to know each other. However, the possibilities of cooperation should also be discussed and the goals defined.
  4. Agreement on objectives: The objectives depend on the personal interests and wishes. Realisable goals should be defined and recorded in a written form.
  5. Exchange: In regular meetings, the mentoring tandems exchange their experiences. These meetings can be of very different kinds, e.g. also in connection with specialist conferences or lectures, company events etc. An additional regular exchange by e-mail or telephone is recommended, which should be initiated by both parties.