How to engage Generation Y employees?

Last time, I explained you why the young generation is how they are….this time I wanted to tell you more about how to motivate, engage and get them staying. As said in the last blog entry, the young generation is used to give their opinion about everything because their parents loved them enough to let the young people’s opinion count.

In an organisation, bosses often feel offended if young people tell their opinion without being asked. They are trying to get this out of them by becoming angry, ignoring them or telling them that they are nothing in the organisation. Often, this is  one of the biggest problems. Of course it can be annoying if young people who are just coming from school or uni, think they know everything better. Organisations: You should consider that you employed these young people for a reason – maybe they are cheaper or there wasn’t any better applicant – but by employing them you gave them the feeling that they count in the organisation as a full member. The young generation does not distinguish between hierarchical steps, they have conversations with everyone in the same way. The so-called psychological contract, so the feeling of belonging and importance feels violated for young people if they have the feeling that their word is not important.

Good employers like the Virgin Group consider these things. Maybe the opinion is really not necessary but would you like hearing that as a young person? Probably you even had to….Please understand that their opinion counted until now: in the studies, at school and at home. Give them the chance to learn, explain to them why it might sometimes be better not to say anything or to await decisions. Don’t treat young people as brainless and annoying workers, treat them as a help that still needs to learn – and you will wonder – they will learn faster than expected. The generation strives for perfection (as being told in the last blog), so why not giving them the chance to perfectionise your organisation? If you coach them, they will learn from the best and this can only be a win-win for the entire organisation.