Geek out and capture the flag

07. Apr. 2017 - 08. Apr. 2017

Deloitte, TGIM, Creative Hub

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Deloitte_Geek    Deloitte Hackathon

Show us how tech-savvy you are and use your skills to hack the Green Dot with us.

Analytics Chanllenge

Participate in a challenge full of coding, creativity and playing around with data. Utilize models and visualisations to enhance customer experience, deliver value to retailers and much more.

Cyber Security Challenge

Join th jeopardy style capture the flag challenge and tackle a series of real-world cyber and web security.

Forensic Challenge

Do you enjoy solving pzzzles? Be part and use your skills to shift through data, discover the clues, track the fraudster and crack our challenge.

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Deadline for submitting your CV is 30 March 2017.