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Credit Suisse

Company Location Zürich, Switzerland
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Founded in 1856, today we have a global reach with operations in over 50 countries and 48’100 employees from over 150 different nations. Our broad footprint helps us to generate a geographically balanced stream of revenues and net new assets and allows us to capture growth opportunities around the world. We serve our clients through three regionally focused divisions: Swiss Universal Bank, International Wealth Management and Asia Pacific. These regional businesses are supported by two divisions specialized in investment banking capabilities: Global Markets and Investment Banking & Capital Markets. Our business divisions cooperate closely to provide holistic financial solutions, including innovative products and specially tailored advice.


Credit Suisse offers talented young people an exciting and challenging environment. We offer a wide range of entry-level programs for both students and graduates. We provide interesting opportunities in all areas of our bank, and are at the heart of the global financial industry.

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